Cash For Your Guns
DescriptionCASH FOR YOUR GUNS TODAY! Call (318) 834-5162.
Thrifty Classifieds does not
DescriptionThrifty Classifieds does not c
DescriptionThrifty Classifieds does not condone illegal activity of any kind, and bears no responsibility for individuals who buy, sell or trade guns, ammo or knives in our publication/website. Always follow federal, state and local laws whenever operating, buying, selling, transferring, transporting, possessing, customizing or manufacturing firearms ammo and knives.
DescriptionM1 CARBINE,
DescriptionWANTED M1 Carbine and Ruger .44 Carbine; S&W 29 .44 Caliber, (318) 834-5162.
Hunting Guns
DescriptionS&W Body Gaurd, Winchester
DescriptionS&W Body Gaurd 380, like new $350; Winchester Model 37, 16 gauge, $150. (318) 518-0913